Friday, August 29, 2008

Morning Coffee 8-29

Straight to the list today:

1)continue with the great shop remix
2)spend the rest of the day improving photo's (!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Morning Coffee 8-27

I have not one, but two appointments today. I don' want to over plan, so I'll keep it short.

1) Finish article. almost done
2) One new marketing. new PW ad
3)create an inventory spreadsheet. done

Morning Coffee 8-28

I did pretty well yesterday, actually got to my to-do list!

1)List a few items.done
2)Begin the great shop remix (making my shop more attractive)worked on it
3)Mount some pieces.done

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Morning Coffee 8-26

So now my workshop is clean and organized, the weekends orders are shipped, and all is right in the world. On to todays plan!

1)one new marketing Done, new craigslist ad
2)list new items. Took the pics, just never edited them, grrrr
3) do a cast Done
4)work on blog article.done

There! And I'm really going to do it today...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Morning Coffee 8-25

I am back! My one week away stretched a bit longer. A mixture of computer problems, shows, visiting relatives, end of summer doldrums, and it just being way too hot in my office (no A/C!) led to the long break. But here I am so let's get this week started right with goals!

1) List my new design, made in honor of "morning coffee".
2)Work on a blog article for later in the week.
3) One new marketing.
4) Do a cast.

None of it is done today. I went to ship an order, took forever to find it. Got in a GRRR! mood, so reorganized my workshop instead :P

Also, Wednesdays "Featured Seller" will be returning later in September, as well as a new feature to be announced :)

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